Meat Braising


Do you like the rich sauces with an beautiful tender cooked meat? Chef Marcus offers you a guide through the process of braising meat to include Lamb shanks, Osso Buco, Beef Roulade German style, Goulash, Short Ribs and Pot Roast from Pork. Please find some suggestions below, for a full menu please contact us.


Osso Bucco:

• Authentic Veal dish, braised in a Vegetables-Tomato Sauce

Coc ou Vin:

• Old traditional dish with a red wine marinated and braised Rooster. Can be substituted with Chicken

Beef Roulade:

• Authentic filled Beef Roulade with Pickles, Bacon & Onion, braised in a Burgundy Wine Sauce

Braised Short Ribs:

• Beautiful tender short ribs, braised in an ancho-chili sauce

Beef Goulash:

• A German tradition, tender braised beef cubs, braised with potatoes and a rich wine sauce

Lamb Shanks:

• Rosemary infused braised Lamb Shanks in a Red Wine Sauce, cooked until it falls of the bone

Pork Roast:

• A combination of Pork, Mustard and Beer, braised to perfection