Personal Chef Service

We feature a customized menu to create a wonderful culinary event based on your needs.


Appetizer Party

Choose from a broad appetizer menu to offer some delicious treats to your party guests, simple and classic for a casual get together.

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Green Garden Festival

Enjoy the culinary diversity of vegetarian dishes without the use of animal product or just get inspired by some interesting ideas and new techniques to create some wonderful side dishes that compliment your dinner.

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Meat Braising

Do you like the rich sauces with an beautiful tender cooked meat? Chef Marcus offers you a guide through the process of braising meat to include Lamb shanks, Osso Buco, Beef Roulade German style, Goulash, Short Ribs and Pot Roast from Pork.

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Culinary Journey

Be invited to a culinary journey through Europe where Chef Marcus offers you a customized menu. From a 3 course menu up to a 6-course gourmet menu. Choose your favorite European dish or create a cross-country menu.

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Sweet Dreams

The most delicious and favorite dessert from Europe are coming to your home. Choose from a classic mouse ou chocolat, tiramisu or even gather your friends around the stove while making a flambé. What a treat!

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Personal Chef Classes

From beginner to advance level, Chef Marcus offers cooking classes at your home for one-on-one and/or small groups. If you want to improve your knife skills or get to know your way around the kitchen better, Chef Marcus can help.

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