Hors D’Oeurves


Hors D’Oeurves are perfect bites for the corporate office, meeting or private party. They’re also wonderful when entertaining at home, club houses, hotels, and religious functions. Hors D’Oeurves offer your guests the opportunity to sample many varieties of flavors.

Nothing sets the stage for a lively evening quite like the perfect Hors D’Oeuvre. With this option, you can offer your guest a large variety of food choices without a large quantity of dishes. For a full menu, and for coctail hour packages please contact Chef Marcus.


The Italian Tower:

• Fresh buffalo mozzarella with eggplant, zucchini, tomato and basil, drizzled with a balsamic reduction

Vegetable Quiche Tarts:

• Mixed Vegetables baked in Quiche Lorraine style

The Pina Pork:

• Crisp and tender pork* slices wrapped around marinated rum-pineapples and broiled to perfection, a juicy and deliciously bite served with dips by choice
*can be substituted with Turkey Bacon

Grilled Pork Tenderloin:

• Grill rubbed pork tenderloin, topped with pate and fruit décor

Buffalo Ground Meatballs:

• Served a tomato-chili dip

Caribbean Chicken Roll:

• Chicken breast stuffed with a peanut-parsley-lime filling

Seafood Ceviche:

• Fresh seafood ceviche served with aioli dip & ciabatta

Shrimp Egg Roll:

• Served with dip on the side